About Us

Alana Mueller holds a Diploma in Clinical Pilates, a Certificate IV in Pilates, a Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy stream), a Certificate IV in Fitness, is a Full Certified Stott® Pilates Instructor and is a member of The Pilates Alliance of Australasia (PAA). With over fifteen years Pilates teaching experience & over seventeen years in the fitness industry, she brings much knowledge and expertise to the Studio. She is comfortable and competent dealing with a broad range of ages and conditions – whilst teaching participants the ‘need-to-know’ information about their own bodies.

“Coming from the corporate world of accounting, my body experienced the aches and pains of being deskbound for an average of 45 hours every week. Stepping into the world of Pilates in 2002, the benefits I discovered were truly amazing. I no longer had soreness anywhere, my body-awareness increased, my posture improved, my muscles lengthened and grew stronger, I felt taller and I no longer felt tired & exhausted come the end of the working week. After experiencing all of this, I was driven to learn more, become a teacher and share my passion of Pilates with others – as I wanted to deliver the results that I had found and thoroughly enjoyed within my own body. It really does create a whole new meaning of enjoying the quality of your own life & body.” Alana Mueller (Owner of Inner Balance Pilates)

~ Don’t spend years seeking cures to a problem that might be able to be addressed by simply rebalancing out your body in our classes. Many of our clients have found this simple solution and are hooked (see below):-


Client Testimonials

“Since attending Inner Balance Pilates classes, I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall health and wellbeing. My core and upper body strength (which was almost non-existent) has increased markedly. Probably the biggest benefit for me personally was the ability to build muscle strength prior to, and after, major knee surgery. Alana was so supportive and encouraging in my rehabilitation, always tailoring exercises that would be suitable for me yet still engaging me with the rest of the class. I know that my recovery is due largely to her extensive knowledge of which exercises would work best for me, and her ongoing encouragement which kept me motivated and determined to keep going on the tough days. For me, Inner Balance Pilates is an essential part of my lifestyle, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
“My first ever Pilates class was with Inner Balance Pilates approximately four years ago. I found Alana to be very friendly, approachable and the classes were conducted in a professional manner and were not at all intimidating to a beginner like myself. After a two year break from classes, I have recently started back and have found that overall my awareness of my body and posture has improved. My first class back, I struggled to keep my balance and felt as though I was ‘all over the place’, now after just ten weeks my balance has improved and I am back to where I was when I stopped two years ago. Alana continues to help me improve and extend myself physically and I genuinely notice a difference within myself when completing regular classes.”
“Love, Love, Love Inner Balance Pilates!!! Alana thank you so much for your individual attention in the weekly sessions. You cater for my weaknesses and provide support with each exercise or stretch we do and the hour always flies!!!!”
“The best thing about Alana’s Pilates class is when I leave! I feel energised and really aware of my body. That night I usually sleep really well. I have never had an instructor so clearly in tune with every minute muscle as we are expertly guided with each exercise. Alana is a magician. It’s the one hour of my week everything else must stop for. I cannot miss a class. In fact, I want to join up for more. Alana ensures each class is different. She explains every intricate move to ensure we easily follow and understand the what, how and why of what we are exercising”
“Over the past few years I have done Pilates with Alana and she has been amazing. Alana is an experienced professional and excellent instructor. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The classes have taught me so much about my body. Given I have a few problems with my neck and hips, Pilates has helped me with those problems. I enjoy going to the classes and will continue to do Pilates.”
“Joining Alana’s reformer class last year was the best decision I could have made in helping not only achieve my horse riding fitness and strength goals, but also improving my general health and wellbeing. I need to be mindful not to aggravate a bulging disc when exercising, and Alana’s individualized classes allow each participant to choose a level they are comfortable with while correcting technique on each individual throughout the class. I’ve participated in Pilates classes before, but since joining Inner Balance I’d never go anywhere else. Alana is a delight to see after a long day at work, getting to know each and every one of us as individuals with varying needs. I can’t recommend IB Pilates classes enough.”
“I am really loving the classes! I am noticing my core strength improving every week and because of that experiencing less and less pain in my back and hip. It is such a pleasure coming to classes, you are so lovely and attentive to our bodies aches and pains. I can’t wait to continue to build my strength and technique, with a few laughs along the way.”
“I am absolutely smitten by Alana’s classes, I feel so much stronger and more aware of my body and I have her to thank for all that. She really is a world class teacher!”
“I have been doing Pilates for over a year now with Alana, recommended by my horse riding instructor to improve my position. Well I have been pleasantly surprised, I no longer dread sitting to the trot , in fact it is my preference now. And I don’t sit to the trot like a sack of potatoes, my core is so much stronger now and my position is so much more secure, I am sure my horse is appreciative of my improved riding, I highly recommend Pilates for dressage riders”