Our Classes

Within our classes, you will learn more about your body, alignment and how each exercise works to strengthen and lengthen different areas. Our instructors are all qualified professionals who focus on form and assist all clients not only during class, but before and after as well. Through technical adjustments and educational classes (which are still fun, we promise!) you will walk out of Inner Balance with exactly that! Inner Balance.

Reformer Classes

Our Reformer classes involve the use of resistance with our spring-loaded reformer beds. A dynamic workout, these classes are a great deal of fun encouraging strengthening, lengthening and correct alignment throughout the body.

Mums & Bubs

Pilates is an ideal solution for new mums wanting to begin an exercise regime. Our low-impact Mums & Bubs classes are catered to both pre and post-natal women; addressing important physical considerations when it comes to exercise during pregnancy or post-birth.

*Important: Important: All group classes are designed for fit and able clients who are not suffering from an injury or current pathology. Please contact our studio for a private 1:1 session in a rehab setting if this is the case.

*Important: Clearance from your General Practitioner is required before commencing classes post-birth to ensure you are ready to recommence exercise.

Small Group Classes

Our small group classes of two or three participants allow your instructor to give each client more attention. A great option for those who require more corrections, assistance or purely want a more involved Pilates experience. These sessions utilize a range of Pilates equipment, including the Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, Stability Chair as well as other props.

*Important: Please contact the studio to arrange your small group session.

Initial / Private Sessions

Our private sessions are ideal for those wanting a more tailored Pilates program. A great solution for those who have a specific injury or other limiting factors, want to address specific issues or muscle imbalances or simply want to go at their own pace in a comfortable one-on-one experience. During your private session, your posture is assessed, strength & flexibility tested and an individual program based on your unique situation is created. We highly recommend a private session for new clients who have not participated in Pilates previously. It is a great way to become familiar with our equipment, understand form, alignment and core activation before joining the group class environment.

*Important: Initial private sessions may be required if you are new to the studio and suffer from an injury. Please contact the studio to arrange your private session.

*Important: All group classes are designed for fit and able clients who are not suffering from an injury or current pathology. Please contact our studio for a private 1:1 session in a rehab setting if this is the case.

Our Studio

Here at Inner Balance, we are more than just a Pilates studio. Our care, knowledge, experience and dedication to you, our IBP family is second to none. Our clients are family and our aim is their progress.


Our bathroom and change facilities are available for all clients. Feel free to bring a change of clothes and get ready here at the studio.


Our beautiful studio is located on our property in Lara, with ample free parking on site.

Zone Out

Our space is a tranquil, warm environment. If you arrive early, please don’t wait in your car. Come in! You are more than welcome to relax on the lounge and unwind before your class begins.


Exercise attire is required for all Pilates classes. We recommend streamlined/comfortable. Movements vary and will sometimes require you to be on your back with your legs in the straps, therefore longer shorts may be preferred if you decide to wear summer attire. No shoes are required in the studio; however, socks must be worn at all sessions. If you forget, no problems - we often have a selection of grip socks available for purchase.

Recommended Sessions

We don’t like to recommend a specific number of classes until we see you and discuss your needs and goals. As a generalisation, between one and three classes per week is best for optimal results, however, this changes for each individual. Chat to us after your first class to discuss your options and how many we feel would be best for you.

Cancellation Policy

We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice for all class cancellations, as this gives another member of our Inner Balance family adequate time to take your place in the class.

Client Testimonials

Some choice words from our wonderful clients.

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